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L-Shaped Staircases

Description :
A guide written by Sarsmi of Stratics on how to create an L-Shaped Staircase
Full Text :
Once you get comfortable with the contortions you have to go through to get chopped up stairs to work then you can do lots of neat stuff with them!

The basic L-shape staircase:

1. The black tiles are where your stairs will be, the teleporter tiles are where the landing is going to be.

2. First you put down the double set of stairs that will be deleting the “anchor” part of the staircase.

3. Hit your transparancy button two times so you can see the teleporter tiles to delete them:

4. Select the story you are working on so everything becomes visible again.

5. Place a new double set of stairs, facing north:

6. Now erase the original set of stairs you placed (both of them) so that in doing so you delete the bottom part of the two staircases you just built. Do not directly erase either of the two staircases you built in step 5!

7. Put down four telporters again:

8. Replace the two original staircases that you put down:

9. Repeat step 3 (hitting transparency twice and erasing the teleporters) and step 4 (hitting the floor selection button):

10: Now decide if you want a short wall to go under the landing. If you use the type of stairs that has a matching wall with medium height walls you can use those, or get decorative (or leave the space empty and use for storage, etc):

11. If the stairs you are using don’t have a matching middle height wall type and there is enough room you can use the stairs themselves as a wall. Place four teleporters as shown:

12. Place two stairs to line up on top of the teleporters:

13. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to get rid of the excess staircase:

14. Depending on what you do with the floor above, you may need to put in a support column in the crook of the staircase:

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