Posted by Kayhynn on Apr 10, 2009

Orc Fort

Orc Fort (Lake Superior)

By: Siobhan of Legends

Castles Reader, Stupid Miner, contacted me and wished for me to come take a tour of his .. hmmm humble? abode.


I was not aware that I was going to be visiting a library in an orc fort – but I assure all those reading now, that is truly what it was! This orc fort library is located on Ice Island/Fel.

My horse was very uneasy as I dismounted and stabled him in one of the corner rooms – why? Because of the death and decay that was strewn about! I must admit, even with a host, the owner of the fort, I myself felt a bit of discomfort, curious as to what happened to all of the people.

I was shown my way through bones, blood and corpses to the next floor up of the fort – and again, strewn with the same mysteries of death and demise. The center of the orc was a stone pyramid and at the corners were shrines of some sort – to the orc.

As I made my way to the front of the fort – the most disturbing – the orc helms hanging on the walls in front of me, a crown to the threshold of this fort.

My visit, although disturbing to visit such a place, was very enjoyable and I thank my host, Stupid Miner, for bringing me to this establishment.

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