Posted by Kayhynn on May 13, 2011

Site Redesign: Progress 5/13

I’ve tried to redesign the site twice in the last 6 months.  Unfortunately, the first redesign didn’t sit well with me and made me pause in working on it.  But now, I’m happy with the new design, while simple and lacking a lot of graphic flashiness at the moment, it makes for a clean layout and easy to find what you want.

As of today, 5/13, the following sections from Castles and Courtyards have been completely imported into this new design:

And the following have been partially imported over:

More will be added over the weekend and next few weeks as well.

In addition, we’re working on a FAQ for the site.  If you have any questions that you have asked in the past, or know of questions others have asked regarding decorating or housing in Ultima Online, please feel free to leave a reply here.


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