Posted by Kayhynn on Sep 30, 2012

Sonoma – Brit Moongate Graveyard House

In running from Britain to the moongate, I stumbled upon this house.  I don’t know the owner, I hope they don’t mind me sharing their awesome house with everyone, but with Halloween a month away, I figured I could do a home tour since it was public – and every teleporter was public.  Thank you to the awesome decorator who made the house public.

Either way, the pics below say it all.

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  1. Sonoma says:

    This house is actually here all the time, not just during the holidays. If you examine the swords sitting on top of the graves, it reveals old guilds of Sonoma. Some are long gone, some are still around. It is a landmark for some Sonoma history. Hopefully, the owner keeps it up for many years to come.

  2. Kayhynn says:

    Thank you for the information! As I’m not native to Sonoma I wouldn’t have known that. Good information to know and I hope the owner keeps it up as well.


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