Posted by Kayhynn on Nov 8, 2012

*SPOILERS* New Veteran Reward Images

With the new veteran rewards that were being talked about in Publish 79 and no images on UOForums or here, I decided to snap some images and post them for all to see.  Got to say they did a very good job on these with the artwork.

If the title wasn’t clear enough, this contains spoilers and since you’re here, I figure you want to see the spoilers, right?  Right.

So here they are:

8th Year: Davies’ Locker
 Facing East

 Facing South

 Inside Locker

9th Year: Virtuebane Statuette

11th Year: Navrey Night-Eyes Statuette

13th Year: Exodus Statuette

15th Year: Garden Shed House Add-On
 Facing East

 Facing South



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