Posted by Kayhynn on Dec 7, 2012

Europa Home Tour: The Hanging Gardens

In my search for items for decorating a house on Europa (as mentioned in the previous article), I came across this home, which looked neat from the backside where I was running along the road.  So I had to investigate further and I was glad I did.

After stumbling down and falling down the house several times, I finally managed to snap enough pictures to put it together.  These images are edited together to show the full effect of the house.

So what you see here is the pyramid.  There are no plants yet – I am assuming there will be.  What you don’t see (because I turned off transparency) are the hidden rooms.

Below is the hidden room at the base of the pyramid.

And the hidden room on the second floor is below.  If there is a hidden room on the third floor, I couldn’t find it.  However, I know there were boxes against the back wall on the second floor if you had the transparency circle turned all the way up.

Overall, it was an interesting combination of the crystal tile set with the gargoyle tile set – and more creativity than I would have on a house like this.

If you would like to participate in a Home Tour, please check out this page: Want to be on the home tours?

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