Posted by Kayhynn on Feb 8, 2013

Home Tour: Escaflowne’s Homes Part 1: The Docks

Escaflowne has left Ultima Online, but agreed to let me post his homes in my home tours to share the wonderful designs he came up with while designing and decorating homes in Ultima Online. These homes no longer exist on Europa in Ultima Online.

He posted all of his homes in a single thread here on Stratics.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at each home as part of the Home Tours.



Escaflowne’s Description of the project:

My latest which i’ve just finished, my docks. It needed to be useable by my guild so decided not to go for one of those illusion docks that extend into the water as they are not practical.


A very creative design on the water and functional too!  I appreciate being able to share these homes on our site!  Thank you Escaflowne.  You will be missed!

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2 Responses to “Home Tour: Escaflowne’s Homes Part 1: The Docks”

  1. Bob Rindy says:

    I’m guessing that the “plank” that extends “out over the water” is “non-functional”, correct?

  2. Kayhynn says:

    Correct. It is non functional.

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