Posted by Kayhynn on Nov 6, 2013

Sonoma’s Fall-O-Ween Decorating Tour

I was invited to go along on the Sonoma Fall-O-Ween decorating tour and contest that concluded in conjunction with UOHomeDecor’s contest. I streamed it through and then posted the video up to YouTube as well.
Please pardon the mousing over things and seeing how things were built while I was there. But some of things were very cool.
You can check the full video here – about 45 minutes long. Later this week I’ll be posting individual videos of the homes on the tour to make it into shorter segments and easier to watch.

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4 Responses to “Sonoma’s Fall-O-Ween Decorating Tour”

  1. Lost Dutchwoman says:

    Wow, I am tied for first place winner and I am thankful to all. If you want to see it I will leave it up for all of November. It’s the house on the SW corner of Zento.

    I had a great time touring all the houses in this contest and a few more who weren’t. Thanks to all who participated and those that organized and supplied the prizes (no small feat with 2 first place winners!)

    I have two pics to share, one of the second floor that is missing from the video, it’s the skeletons in a closet pic, and another to see medusa’s bad hair day, lol.

  2. Lost Dutchwoman says:

  3. Kayhynn says:

    Congrats on winning the Sonoma contest! I would love for you to enter our future contests! I couldn’t get into the other levels of the house – it outsmarted me 🙂

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