Posted by Kayhynn on Nov 12, 2013

UOHomeDecor Halloween 2013 Contest Winners Announced

As usual, many amazing entries were received for this contest.  If you haven’t viewed them yet, they can be found here:

Congratulations to Katrina, who, for the second year running, has placed 1st in our Halloween Decorating Contest.  A video of her castle is available below the article.  Katrina will be receiving a code for the King’s Collection and a vet reward (courtesy of Sonoma Community folks).

Second place goes to Smoot of Atlantic who will receive a code for a Forged Metal Tool.

Third place goes to Mim Foxglove on Europa who will receive a code for a Pen of Wisdom.

Honorable mention, which has no prize, goes to Coral of Atlantic for her decorated room in her castle.

Thanks to everyone that participated.  I will be announcing a mini contest for Thanksgiving later this week.

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