Posted by Kayhynn on Dec 15, 2013

Locations of 2013 Christmas Toy Soldiers

This is a list of the locations, which will be updated as tehy are posted.  If I can get screenshots to add to the locations I will.

Asuka – In front of WBB in Tram
Atlantic –  Orc Dungeon (Click for map provided by DJAd)
Catskills – little cave near Covetous on the far western tip of the mountain (this was spawning killer bunnies last night, not sure if it still is or not)
Chesapeake – North Trinsic Bank
Drachenfels – Luna Stable
Great Lakes – Yew city centre /heartwood next to house with dragon on roof
Hokuto – on top of WBB (appears to be gone now)
Izumo – Luna Stables
Lake Austin – In front of WBB Bank in Tram
Lake Superior – WBB
Mizuho – Luna stables
Mugen – Luna stables
Napa Valley – Inside Blackthorn’s Castle –  main floor just north of the dinning room area on the west side
Origin – EM Hall in Britain
Oceania – West Britain – King’s Men Theater
Pacific – Trinsic Toymakers
Sakura – Luna stables
Sonoma – Serpent’s Hold Royal Guard Meeting Hall – Far north building in Serpent’s Hold
Yamato – Blackthorn’s Castle in Britain

Events have been planned for the following shards which should have the toy chests after those events:

  • Baja
  • Europa
  • Legends
  • Siege – no date has been given for a Siege event yet.

Updated 12/19/13.

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