Posted by Kayhynn on Mar 10, 2014

Home Tours: Pagudus’ Home

I’m not sure this home still exists as I found the images on UOForums. As I’m trying to archive all homes that I come across, I’m starting on UOForums and going from there. If anyone knows if her home is still in existence, please let me know.

Their description of their home: I have done several house designs in my time of UO but none as creative as this I’d say. Some features include sunken rooms on the first floor and the Samurai standing armour in the corner of the living room (I plan on writing up a tut for Castles and Courtyards for this). Plants will fill out the roof and a few touches will be put in the bedroom and study areas. I Just finished it up enough to post this afternoon so barring a few additions here and there, I can call this home done. It is very quickly becoming one of my favorites. If you care to check it out in person visit Drachenfels. I am located in the orc fort outside Umbra. Char owner K’lypso.





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