Posted by Kayhynn on Mar 14, 2014

Home Tours: Silverfoot’s Iantown Aquarium Player Museum on Siege

I’m not sure this home still exists as I found the images on UOForums. As I’m trying to archive all homes that I come across, I’m starting on UOForums and going from there. If anyone knows if his home is still in existence, please let me know.

His description:  The picture’s are 2 outside views, Private home owners room, Player Statue Museum – balcony level & finally the Aquarium area. The fish on the floor are entires in the Iantown monthly fishing contest. Largest fish gets trophied and placed on the wall. And I keep forgetting to move that barrel :-/

In the process of collecting statues from players. The aquariums have yet to be filled. Will do that when everything else is set deco wise.

Appreciate any comments thoughts..~ Se’an










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