Posted by Kayhynn on Jan 15, 2015

Support via Patreon

pond-3Many people have asked, over the years, how they can support what I do.  What I do is done mostly by myself.  Occasionally Queen Mum helps out with graphics or other people have kicked in when I need things researched, but everything else is a trial of love and labor.  With the exception of two years where one donor kicked in funds for the domain name, I have supported the site on my own.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

As you may notice, I have ads here. I make, if I’m lucky, .42 a month from them.  That’s it.  I add content as I can to the site as I do have a full time job and try to play the game, but this year I am trying to add more to the site, feature homes and create or finish creating the item databases for people to be able to find the items they want when decorating.

It’s a lot of work that doesn’t always seem appreciated.

It was suggested that I create a Patreon for this and the other sites I write for.  So my first goals for the Patreon account are all for UOHomeDecor.

Check it out here and if you donate, know that it is greatly appreciated.

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