About UO Home Decor

Originally called Deco.girlgamer.net, I decided to move to an easier to remember name, something more UO oriented.  This site has pictures of my homes, other homes and the old Castles and Courtyards original guides incorporated into it as well as new guides.

Who is Crescent Moon Interior Design?

Crescent Moon Interior Design is a rebirth of the previous decorating jobs I did in UO. I’ve had many people ask me for examples of my work, guides, etc. The best place I know how to provide it is here.

The name Crescent Moon originates from the Auction House I originally ran on Oceania, then on Origin. Now we no longer run auctions, but the guild “order of the Crescent Moon” exists as a roleplaying entity for my characters and friends.

I have worked on many shards, including Pacific, Baja, Origin, Great Lakes, Lake Superior and Oceania.

A Little Bit About How Decorating Works

Decorating a home takes a lot of trust in a game where trust is going down the tubes. A decorator has to be co-owned to a home to decorate, which leaves a lot of room for suspicion. I will never take anything and will always lock stuff down immediately when I place. I also try to do things in a time efficient manner. Mind you I am a mother and a full-time worker and a wife, so there may be days when no work gets done, and other days when you see a ton of work.

I am a very trust worthy person. Most of the time I wont request payment until I am done. On larger homes i request half up front, that way should you decide not to pay me because you are dishonest, I’m not totally screwed. This sounds harsh, I know, but my time is valuable to me and decorating takes a lot of time.

I used to have a chart to discuss pricing, now days, I let people pay me what they believe is a fair price and it has worked out quite well.

Now that you know all this, I encourage you to take a look through my examples from prior to 2008 and the 2008 items as I get them up and running.

A couple shards have GM craters on them by me. If you are interested in me crafting items for you, let me know.

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