What are the meanings of the house signs?

Below is a table that shows the sign image and what it means or what guild it symbolizes. These signs are found under the customization menu of the custom home signs and can be selected if your home is public. Many thanks to Irulia Darkaith on Stratics who made the list for a player and gave permission for us to re-use their research here. The house sign selections menu (edited together from the various screens)can be seen in full by clicking here.

(f) after a sign name indicates the sign is flipped in comparison to the Hildebrandt poster.

Sign Image
Meaning/Guild Type
baker Baker
tailors Tailors
tinker Tinker
butcher Butcher
healer Healer
alchemist-mage Alchemist/Mage
achitect-carpenter Architect/Carpenter
mariners-customs Mariners/Customs
inn Inn
shipwright-cartographer Shipwright/Cartographer
stables Stables
guild-of-barbers(f) Guild of Barbers (f)
bard Bard
fletcher Fletcher
armorer Armorer
jeweler Jeweler
tavern Tavern
alchemist-herbalist Alchemist/Herbalist
blacksmith Blacksmith
artist Artist
provisioner Provisioner
bowyer Bowyer
generic-style1 Generic Style 1
generic-style2 Generic Style 2
guild-of-armaments(f) Guild of Armaments (f)
armorers-guild Armourer’s Guild
blacksmiths-guild Blacksmith’s Guild(f)
society-of-weaponmakers(f) Society of Weaponmakers(f)
bardic-collegium Bardic Collegium
barterers-guild(f) Barterer’s Guild (f)
guild-of-provisioners Guild of Provisioners
traders-guild Trader’s Guild
society-of-cooks-and-chefs(f) Society of Cooks and Chefs (f)
healers-guild(f) Healer’s Guild (f)
guild-of-mages(f) Guild of Mages (f)
guild-of-sorcery(f) Guild of Sorcery (f)
masters-of-illusion(f) Masters of Illusion (f)
mining-cooperative(f) Mining Cooperative (f)
league-of-rangers(f) League of Rangers (f)
seamans-chapter(f) Seaman’s Chapter (f)
guild-of-fishermen(f) Guild of Fishermen (f)
sailors-maritime-association Sailor’s Maritime Association
society-of-shipwrights(f) Society of Shipwrights
tailors-hall Tailor’s Hall
society-of-thieves(f) Society of Thieves (f)
federation-of-rogues-and-beggars Federation of Rogues and Beggars
guild-of-assassins(f) Guild of Assassins (f)
order-of-engineers(f) Order of Engineers (f)
associations-of-warriors Association of Warriors
guild-of-calvary-and-horse Guild of Cavalry and Horse
fighers-and-footmen Fighter’s and Footmen
merchants-guild Merchant’s Guild (symbol is not quite right)
bank Bank
theatre Theatre
scribe-library Scribe/Library
beekeepers Beekeepers
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