Castle/Keep: Adding walls to the west/north side on the 2nd/3rd floors

If you’re doing the west or north wall make your life a lot easier and remove any decorations you have on the inside wall.

Now turn on your circle of transparency, go outside and start dropping tiles on the base of your west wall.


If you’re hitting the right spot they will stay, now double click them to lock them down.

Once all are placed, follow these steps:

  1. If you just started customization you might be able to go inside and use object tags to spot the pavers and raise them from the inside.
  2. Can’t see the tags? Make sure you have a macro for last object (deco tool) and last target (the paver)
    1. Place tile normally outside, double click it, run back to your stairs or inside and start raising it. If you can raise it about six times you can now see it through the wall from the inside (using transparency). So now go to the next tile outside, place it raise it six times, etc. Do this till you get them all down then go inside and raise them up. I would resist the urge to raise them all the way up on the first pass otherwise you’ll loose track of which tile you placed and the next spot you have to do (unless you pay close attention to your sextant). Whatever you do, once raised, do not remove these pavers unless you’re certain you’re done – these things are not too bad to place on the west wall in the early stages, but a genuine nightmare if you start building walls on your higher floors as the newly crafted walls block circle of transparency. This will go a lot faster if you have a second account or friend to help. That way they can open the door for you (so that you don’t loose last target). I also placed a house teleporter at the entrance to speed things up. Or you could place a ladder on your steps.
    2. You can also target your pavers with a spell to cache it as last target then do the same trick.
    3. I had some incredibly tricky tiles that I could place but then couldn’t see to double-click. So instead I took the paver, double clicked it on the stairs (to cache it as last target), picked them up, then ran and dropped them in place. So even though I couldn’t see them at all, they were still my last target so I could raise them.
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