Castle/Keep Miscellaneous Decorating Tips

The following are some useful tips to keep in mind when decorating a castle or keep:

  • 16 – the number of times you must raise a floor tile before you can walk underneath it.
  • You can only raise a tile 15 times before you will get a message that you can’t raise it any higher. At this point you will need to elevate yourself (higher floor, or ladder) to raise it any higher.
  • If you stand on top of a ladder and drop a goza it’s 17 high – but if you drop a stone tile or grass tile on this goza it will be 16 high.
  • A manufactured stair case is 5 tiles high.
    • You need a minimum of 3 rough stairs to be able to ascend to the next floor (assuming floor is 20 tiles high). This will require leaving uneven gaps between staircases. To make a smooth staircase you need 4 rough stairs.
    • Each rough stair must be within 2z high of the next stair/floor in order to ascend the staircase. (i.e. a stair case if 5 high, if the next object is a max of 7 high you can climb it, but at 8 high you will be blocked).
  • A sextant can tell you how high you are.
  • Make sure you double click all the craftables you are adding.
  • If you’re doing the west or north wall make your life a lot easier and remove any decorations you have on the inside wall. This will allow you to place tiles on the outside of the castle/keep to raise to place walls on the out side walls.
  • It takes 961 tiles per floor to complete a full floor on a castle.
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