Glassblowing Menu Craftable Decorative Items

This page contains an alphabetical list of everything that can be crafted that can be used towards decorations in the Glassblowing Crafting Menu. It does NOT include weapons or parts that aren’t normally used in decorating. The images that appear on this page are default color images and facing one direction.

The names of the items either have links (some do, some will have them soon), which will contain images of the item facing both directions as well as what the item looks like crafted with the different wood colors and facing both directions. The individual pages will also contain crafting information, how many tiles the item fits in and possibly various other tidbits of information (such as if you can purchase from an NPC). If you would like to contribute to creation of any of these pages, please feel free to let me know as this part is very time consuming and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Image Name Menu
flasksmall_anim Flask – small Miscellaneous
flasklarge_anim Flask – medium Miscellaneous
flask3a Flask – curved Miscellaneous
flask5a Flask – large #1 Miscellaneous
flask4a Flask – large #2 Miscellaneous
flask1a Flask – bubbling
flask5b Flask – bubbling
flask4a Flask – bubbling
emptyvials empty vials Miscellaneous
fullvials full vials Miscellaneous
hourglass_anim spinning hourglass Miscellaneous
hollow_prism hour prism Miscellaneous
floor_mirror Ter—Mur style floor mirror Miscellaneous Requires the Stygian Abyss expansion.
wall_mirror Ter-Mur style wall mirror Miscellaneous Requires the Stygian Abyss expansion.
soulstone_fragment soulstone fragment Miscellaneous
venom empty venom vial Miscellaneous Requires the Stygian Abyss expansion.
empty oil flask Miscellaneous
workable glass Miscellaneous
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