Preservation Tubes

Written by: Siobhan of Legends 

This decoration can actually be used for Halloween or even to decorate up a nice demonic dungeon. 

I will say that I ended up using regular bronze shields for this tutorial, but shadow looks MUCH better.

Items Needed: 

  • 2 Bronze Shields (shadow hued preferred)
  • 1 Heart (or other spooky decor like a head)
  • 11 Wool Dyed Neon Greenish
  • 1 Broadcast Crystal (for green glow)

Decorator’s Tool Required

To get your Broadcast Crystal to turn green, you will need to double click it and target itself. It will show as active.
Place the Broadcast Crystal down on the tile for your tube and lock it down. 

Next, place one of the bronze shields on top of the crystal and lock it down.

Now, its time to stack the green wool on top of the shield you just placed. One at a time, add them to the pile until you have no more. 

Place your last shield on top of the pile.

You should have something that looks like what we have to the right.

Now, its time to place your item (I have a heart) “inside” the tube and hide the Communication Crystal at the base. First, raise up the Communication Crystal till it is at the top of the tube, just under the shield. It should be roughly 12 raises.
Now, let’s preserve that heart! 

Simply place the heart in the tile SE from the tube and raise it as high as it will go or until you are satisfied with its location inside the tube.

You can call your tube done if you would like OR you can take it one step further and actually dye the wool a darker neon green at the bottom that is at the top, to really pull off the lighting of the Communication Crystal. 

To dye the wool you will need to unlock it so be sure you lock it back down when you are happy with your results.

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