Skull Bar

Written by: Siobhan of Legends
Why dye a low elegant table charcoal when you can add a spooky bar/table of your own!This item will take up 4 tiles.
Items Needed: 

  • 19 Skull Helmets
  • 16 Black Cloth
  • Food Items/Decor Items for table

Decorator’s Tool Required

The first tile we are going to build is the NE tile. This will set the standard for height of your table. 

in the NE tile of where you wish for your table to be – stack 5 of your skulls and lock them down. Now Stack 2 piles of 2 black cloth on top to creat a nice full counter top and then place another skull.

Now, we are going to work the illusion of the NW corner of your table.Place a skull in the NE corner and lock it down. Using your decorators tool – raise it up 9 placements. 

Place a stack of 2 black cloth down, lock it down, and raise 5 placements. Place another stack of 2 black cloth, lock it down and raise 6 placements.

Now, lower the skull on this tile down 2 placements.

Now… build the SW corner tile just like you did the first tile and repeat again for the SE tile of your house.As a recap – that’s stack 5 skulls, 2 stacks of 2 black cloth and topped with another skull. 

As you can see to the right – this makes a nice low table. You can place food on this table without having to raise or lower anything.

But – let’s take this decor piece a step farther.

Raise your topper skulls all up 4 times. Now, raise your top black cloths up 4 times, and the black cloths underneath that up 4 times as well.By doing this – you expose the legs of your table much moreas well as create a more “spooky” affect. 

When placing food on this table, you will need to raise and lower the items.

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