Witch’s Cauldron

Written by: Pluff of Sonoma
Website: http://www.fennland.com

Wondering what to do with the your 5 million GP server birth kettle OR the 35 cauldrons you have from the Hag’s quest? I was too, so I started looking for some kettle-themed deco to steal. Instead of touring player homes, I started checking out what NPC’s do with the dern things. 

To make a player version of this campfire set up, gather the following materials!

I am going to make a south facer up here on my friend kat’s roof.
The witch’s cauldron will take up three tiles. Remember to always start in the northernmost or westernmost tile and work your way south or east.
1) Place the gnarled staff lying across the three tiles you want to use.  

2) Lock it down.m and then use the dec tool to raise it as high as it will go.

3) In Tile one, stack the following objects in the following order (remembering to lock each down as you go!
-Round Shield (made with bronze ingots)
-Plate (made with bronze ingots)
-A Bracelet (made with bronze ingots)
-A Bracelet (made with bronze ingots
-A Torch (lit)
-A Torch (lit)
-A Torch (lit)
-A Bracelet (made with bronze ingots)

(The top bracelet will appear to be in the middle of the highest torch.)

4) Raise the top bracelet as high as it will go. 

5) Raise the highest torch 5 times.

6) Raise the middle torch 4 times.

7) Raise the lowest torch 3 times.

8) Raise the next bracelet 1 time.

9) Raise the lowest bracelet 1 time.

10) Now we are going to build the FIRE in tile two. First you want to place your ore. You may use either one piece of ore or two, just depending on which you like better. Lock it. 11) On top of the ore, stack your heap of 6 gold. They will slip under the ore. Lock them. 

12) Then stack your Communication crystal. It will also pop under the ore. Lock it.



13) If you use 2 ore and your cauldron faces south, logs can look nice here, but I am going to use the kindling. Stack a pile of two on top of the ore/fire and lock it.
14) Stack another pile of 2 on top and lock it. 

15) Stack the Cauldron on top and lock it.

16) Stack the Bola on top and lock it.

17) Using the dec tool, raise the Bola knife 4 times.

18) Raise the Cauldron 2 times.

19) Raise the top kindling 2 times.

20) Raise the bottom kindling 1 time.

21) Now you want to repeat steps 3 through 9 in tile three to build the other side. And that will pretty much do it! 

This is a fun design to play with as there are so many ways to make it…On the right you see a LOVE POTION STATION VARIATION using champagne goblets to make sides that look like little pink hearts, an Agapyte base,a fiery snowdrops plant for the “flames,” and a black staff instead of a QS or gnarled for the top.

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