MaidenChina’s Corner Fireplace

finished-corner-fireplace Written by: MaidenChina

This fireplace instruction set is from MaidenChina’s decoration kits she used to sell on a number of shards. MaidenChina no longer plays UO, but gave permission for these instructions to be replicated here.

Items Needed:

  • 86 Black Dyed Cloth
  • 3 Shadow Ore
  • 18 Gold coins
  • 3 Com Crystals
  • 6 Nightshade
  • 3 Lanterns
  • 2 Wooden Chests
  • 24 bandages

Lockdowns Required: 60

Free Tiles Required: 5

Estimated Time Required to Assemble: 20-60 minutes + decay time



Place three (3) com crystals on the floor in a reverse L-shape. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-1
Using your deco tool, raise each com crystal up three times. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-2
Carefully stack black cloth under the right com crystals, 2 cloth to each stack and stack the cloth 3 tiles high (so we have used 6 black cloth in each tile so far). Be careful not to stack more than 3 or the com crystal will be covered! maidens-corner-fireplace-step-3
Add 6 gold coins to both stacks. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-4
Once again, whip out the good old deco tool. Use it to raise the little bit of gold coin you can see one time. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-5
Now add one piece of ore to each stack. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-6
Next stack 7 bandages, then two piles of black cloth (2 in each pile again) then add one bandages, two nightshade and a lantern! Make sure not to lock any of the bandages down. They need to decay later. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-7
Stack 7 bandages again, then two piles of cloth and lastly a box. Use the deco tool to turn it the right way if it is a little off. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-8
Repeat the process for the bottom left tile now. 3 cloth piles, the gold and raising it, then the ore, then 7 aids, two more piles and the box to finish it off. It’s starting to look like something. maidens-corner-fireplace-step-9
Now to finish it off. Stack 14 piles of cloth on both end piles. Then one bandages on each tile, then 2 nightshade and lastly a lantern to finish it off.

Now all you have to do is wait for the bandages to decay and you have a beautiful corner fireplace.

And here is the finished fireplace – sans bandaids.


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