Stone Chair Fireplace

Written by: Siobhan of Legends
This is the first version of a fireplace I had ever created – I am sure its not my original idea – but it is a nice addition to any home. I have added the gozas since the Samurai Empire expansion and really think they can help pull together the look of the fireplace.
Items Needed: 

  • 6 stone chairs (color of your choice)
  • 6 dark brown square goza
  • 2 Charcoal Black colored gozas
  • 8 Kindling
  • 18 Cloth, dyed true black
  • Decor for mantle (shown spyglass and maps)
This decor piece can work for both south and east facing. I will be building an east facing fireplace so I will start in the northern most tile.
First, stack three of the stone chairs in a pile in the northernmost tile (westernmost if building a south facing fireplace).Turn the chair on the bottom of the tile so the back of the chair is on the north side. The middle chair back should be on the south side and the top chair’s back should be on the east side. 

Repeat this same chair tower 3 tiles south of the one you just built (or 3 tiles east for a south facing fireplace.)

Now, the pillars of your fireplace are built. It’s time to build the mantle.On the northernmost tile, place a pile of 2 black cloth and lock it down. Raise this pile 7 times. 

Place another 2 black cloth on the same pile and raise it 8 placements.

If you want to put something on this piece of mantle, do it now and raise it to the top of your black cloth. I’m placing my spy glass.

Now we are going to build the middle tiles of your mantle and fireplace at the same time.On each tile place a stack of 2 black cloth and lock them down. Raise them both 10 times. Now, place another stack of 2 black cloths on each interior tile. This time, raise them 11 times each. 

Now, if you want anything on the mantle for the center tiles, place it now and raise it into position. I’m placing my 2 maps.

Now, we will start building the “firepit” area of your fireplace. Because I am not using the gold for this decor piece, it is very simple.Place a single black cloth on each of the center tiles. Now, place the charcoal black goza on the tile. Dclick the deed and target the tile under the black cloth. 

Now, place 2 piles of 2 kindling on each tile. Lower the bottom kindling 1 placement and the top kindling 1 placement. Do this on both tiles.

Its time to finish up your last fireplace pillar. Place 2 black cloth on top of the chairs and raise it 7 times. Place another 2 black cloth and lock them down. Raise them 8 times.If you want anything on this tile as far as mantle decoration – now you may place it and raise it up into position.
The last step to a great fireplace is to place the brown gozas. You will place 4 of them in front across your fireplace, and one under each of the chair pillars.To deed them out, double click the goza and target the floor tile you wish to place it on.
The key to an even better fireplace is balance. It is usually best to place the same items on either side of your fireplace to maintain this balance. Below – is my sitting room with fireplace and sofa

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