Fancy Flower / Garland

Written by: Na’Kasha Saran of Legends

I saw this a while ago on Rosy Note which is a Japanese page where others may display their house designs and decoration.

I saw this garland lining the aisle of a chapel called “Chapel of Blessing” and was completely awestruck. I had to learn how to do this so here goes. You can, of course extend, this for as many tiles as you want, but for the sake of this tutorial I’m only going to do one segment. This is a north/south design, meaning it needs to be placed parallel to an east/west wall.

Please pay attention on the items needed, as there are multiple types of some items.

Items Needed: 

  • 2 small vases in the granite color of your choosing
  • 2 small statue of matching granite color
  • 2 Chaos shield in matching ingot color
  • 2 Plain Snowdrops
  • 1 Head of Cabbage (Type Specific)
  • 1 Ball of yarn (Type Specific)
  • 2 NPC bought Clock Parts
  • 2 Player Tinkered Clock Parts
  • 1 Nightshade
  • 2 Eggs
This is the type of cabbage head you want. Please note how it sits at the upper right hand corner of the tile. 

These can usually be found near Cove in a patch of vegetables. Just double click the “grasses” and the head of cabbage should appear.

(Note from Lady Muse on Great Lakes: Remember location of fields can vary from field to field. On Great Lakes she gets her cabbage from the fields near Brit whereas myself, Siobhan, gathers cabbage on Legends in the Skara fields.Just remember, no matter where you gather your cabbage, the cabbage that falls on the NORTH side of the grassy plant is the correct cabbage for this tutorial. And in many cases, both north and south facing cabbages spawn in the same field, so try all the plants before giving up on the field.)

On the type of yarn you need. 

You need the kind with the loose end facing down. There are three types as I show you here.

For the clock parts. 

There are two types in game and each faces a different direction.

One you can buy from NPC tinkers, the second you can buy from player tinkers or make yourself if you have a tinker.

Now let’s get started! 

This is a three tile design. Please see diagram to the right for placement.

We’re going to start with the flowers first, since some of the top pieces tend to hide when you drop them. 

In tile one, drop one of the snowdrops and lock it down. Raise it up 8 with the deco tool.

Next, lock down one of each facing clock parts. 

Raise each one up 11 with the deco tool.

Next, lock down one eggs and raise it up 10 with the deco tool so that it looks like this.
That completes the flowers for the arrangement. Now to move on to the vase part of it. 

Take one of the small vases, in my garland I chose the regular iron hued stone vase. Lock it down in tile one under the flowers you just made and raise it up 5 with the deco tool.

Then drop one of the small stone statues on tile one and raise it up 3 with the deco tool. 

It should look like this.

Last drop a chaos shield and lock it down.
That finishes the flower arrangement. You can use this alone also as it’s really quite lovely alone. But if you want to go the extra for the garland, let’s continue on. 

In tile three, you will need to make another flower arrangement as you did on tile one.

Just follow the steps again to build it. Once finished your design will look like this:
Now to link the two together is quite simple really. Lock down your head of cabbage in tile 2 and raise it up 9 with the deco tool. It will look like this.
Next, drop down your piece of nightshade on tile 2 and raise it up 5 times with the deco tool.
And last, drop your ball of yarn on tile 2 and raise it up 7 times with your deco tool and voila!
You now have one segment of garland! You can extend this as much as you like, just follow the instructions for the flower arrangements spaced one tile apart and link them together. 

Have fun and happy decorating.

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