Fancy Rose Vase

Written by: Na’Kasha Saran of Legends

This is just a simple design I came up improved on from the original rose vase. I didn’t like how “plain” the original one looked and wanted one that was a little “deeper” with some shade variation in the flowers. I did this first after making Pluffy’s Abatoir fountain.

For this design you need the following items:

  • 1 pile of cotton dyed dark
  • 2 pile of cotton dyed light
  • 1 vase in the shade of your choice
  • 2 nightshade
  • 2 spiders’ silk
I’m putting my vase on a table.

Start by placing the stack of two spiders’ silk on the table and lowering them down 2.

Next, drop the vase over the spiders’ silk and raise it up 1 with the deco tool.
After that, place the stack of 2 nightshade and raise them up 3 with the deco tool.
Next, place the stack of 2 cotton dyed light on the table and using the deco tool, raise it up 5.

Last, place the single dark dyed pile of cotton on the table and raise it up 6 with the1 deco tool and voila, you have a fancy rose vase sitting on a doily!

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