Flower Boxes

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

This is another simple addition to any home, and as you can see by the finished picture – it is a piece, that because it cannot be walked through, can easily be used to decoratively stop your visitors from falling off a precotious edge to your home.
Items Needed:

  • 2 Square Based Plants (campion is perfect)
  • 1 water trouph (either direction)
This decorative piece will take 2 tiles and roughly 1 minute to toss together. You can make this a lit feature by adding lanterns or com crystals. Just be sure to hide them under the flowers.

This will take up 2 tiles.

For my example, I am using an east facing trouph.

Place the two campion flowers in the direction in which the trough will lay when placed.

Raise each flower 4 times with your decorator’s tool. The image to the right shows one flower raised the other not.

Be sure to raise them both.

Place the flower box below the two campion flowers. Lower each flower 1 time. You now have a decorative flower box.

I have used these to decorate wedding halls and to create dance floors separated off from the other areas of the room.

Below, it was built in a decorative location not only to serve as something enjoyable to look at, but also to prevent people from falling off the edge of the entrance way.

I received an email from Fig of Drachenfels stating that if you know you want a flower box ahead of time – you can implement them during the design process and add flowers after. This picture was included with his note:

Thanks for dropping us a note Fig!

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