Garland Handrail

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

This is truly a Level V Deco Piece. It might get a little confusing BUT press through this one!!!! You’ll love the results.

This is build with cabbage meaning – there are 2 different cabbage. They may look awful darn close, but the difference is where they lay on the tile. There is a North Cabbage (falling north of the plant when you pick it from the field) and a South Cabbage (falling south of the plant when picked).

The barrels cannot be walked through – so remember, when you build this up a set of stairs, there must be two cases together in the design – one for the design and one to walk up.

Items Needed:

  • 2 Barrels (I use storage barrels, water barrels are ok – just adds hidden storage)
  • 1 Ball of Yarn – No Tail, dyed dark green
  • 4 Dried Flowers (bell flowered)
  • 4 Bales of Cotton, dyed dark green
  • 6 Nightshade
  • 2 South Cabbage
  • 2 North Cabbage
The first main step is to turn your circle of transparency up as high as possible. Some of my images might look “odd” but it is because you will see the items on the 2nd floor floating over the 1st floor. This is because I have turned my circle of transparency up so I can see the steps easily and know where I’m placing the items. Below is an image of where you can find this setting from your Paperdoll/Options.

Another trick we will be using is the All Names feature. You can get all names by pressing Ctrl-Shift at the same time. There is an article on site here if you are interested in reading more.

Step one is to place your 2 barrels. Even though later on it seems difficult to place and raise items, the barrels give us a sense of direction in where our garland is going to hang.

The first barrel will go at the base of the stairs on the floor. The second barrel goes up the stairs 2 tiles.

Place a pile of 2 dried flowers in front of each of the barrels. The top barrel may be a bit difficult, but it is very possible.

Now, raise the floor barrel 4 placements and the stair barrel 1 placement.

Now, place 2 cotton (stacked together) on each barrel.

Raise the cotton bales on your floor barrel 7 placements. Raise the cotton on the stair barrel 4 placements.

The next step is to place 2 nightshade under each barrel. This is the first time you will need to use Ctrl-Shift to lock down and raise the nightshade. You will need to use this technique on the stair barrel not the floor.

Raise the nightshade on the floor barrel up to where it lies on top of the bales of cotton. This should be roughly 11 raises.

For the stair barrel, say your secure command and click Ctrl-Shift. Right click through all the names until you find the nightshade under the stair barrel.

Using the same Ctrl-Shift Technique, raise the stair barrel nightshade up to the top of the cotton bales, which is roughly 5 times.

Now we start working on the middle tile between the 2 barrels.

Place a single nightshade down on the middle tile and lock it down. Stack another single nightshade on top of this one and lock it down.

Raise the nightshade on top 5 times. Raise the nightshade on the bottom 4 placements.

Now, we will place a south cabbage on the center where you just placed the single nightshades.

Raise it 5 times.

Now, place a north cabbage on the same tile. Raise this cabbage 9 times.

Now we are going to place a north cabbage under the floor barrel. Raise this cabbage 9 placements.

As you can see – you are starting to build a solid garland between the two barrels.

Place the south cabbage under the stair barrel. You will need to use the Ctrl-Shift Technique to lock down and raise this cabbage 6 placements.

If Ctrl-Shift does not work, raise the barrel 1 time, raise the cabbage and then lower the barrel again. The location of this barrel stack of items is tricky for its location on the stairs.

Now because I am particular, I will go through and realign all the top pieces so it flows nicely and seems “solid.”

Never forget to leave the house and run off screen then return. This will reload the house and you can adjust, as always, accordingly.

How did it go? Did you survive?

Now, if you wish to continue up the stairs, you will need the ingredients to make a stair barrel and the middle tile.

Its easy to continue up the stairs and enjoy.

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