Globe Plant Stand

Written by: Beast Mistress of Napa Valley

As I was playing aroung with the many Ideas on Castles and Courtyards I fell in love with the barrel lid idea. I was stuck for something to put in next to the evil sitting area so I thought about a plant stand and wanted a different touch. This one is sooo simple.
Items Needed:

  • 2 Globes
  • 1 Barrel Lid
  • 1 Elephant Ear (other plants can be used but note you might have to raise the plant to the top instead of it dropping to the top of the pile)

The Decorators Tool is needed for this item.


Stack 2 globes on top of each other lock them down and raise the top one 2 times with deco tool.


Stack the barrel lid on the globes (notice it goes between the 2 globes).

Lock it down and raise it 4 times with the deco tool.


Stack plant on top and lock it down. No need to raise it because it goes directly to the top.

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