House Plant

Written by: Lady Celenia of Legends

Items Needed:

  • Keg
  • 2 thigh boots facing east (from a player tailor)
  • 2 thigh boots facing south (from a NPC tailor)
  • Boots facing south (from a NPC tailor)
  • 4 bales of cotton
  • Dye tub
  • Dyes
Dye the south facing boots and the bales of cotton dark green and dye the east facing boots and the boots a light green (see materials needed image for color reference).
Start by placing the keg where you want your plant.

Stack a pile of (2) bales of cotton.

Then stack an east facing thigh high boot.

Next stack a south facing thigh boot.

On top of that, stack a single bale of cotton.

Repeat steps above with thigh boots and another single bale of cotton.

Lastly, stack the boots.
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