Plant Stand

Written by: Lady Valshandra of Legends

First things first…. got to get the whole four things together…. so

go out and get…

  1. a large wooden bowl (you will need to buy a bowl of tomato soup from the npc or cook and eat the soup to get just a large wooden bowl).
  2. Decorative plant: Lilies work best.
  3. 1 Bola
  4. Decor tool

Next: Set the Bolas down first. Lock down

Then add the large wooden bowl on top of Bolas. Lock Down.

Then use your decor tool to lower it once.

Last, but not least, add your decorative plant. Lock it down. It will not be on top, so you will need to use your decor tool to lift it up three times.
Ta-Dah! All done! Ain’t it pretty?…. and oh so easy….

P.S. This seems to look better on light colored flooring.

**Lady Valshandra later added that you can replace the bowl with items such as the pewter bowl, the plant bowl, a basket and the caldron. Most of all, have fun with it and “make it your own.”

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