Small Keg with Flowers

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Many people put flowers on top of kegs and barrels for a nice planter effect but after a while, it is very easily identifiable to be “a flower on top of a keg.” This tutorial is a nice flower on top of a keg, but we are going to disguise the flower to be a bit more fancy and less like a “generic” game plant.
Items Needed:

  • 1 Keg
  • 1 Plain Snowdrop Plant
  • 1 Gear (purchased from tinker)
  • 1 Clock Part (purchased from tinker)
  • 1 Garlic

The Decorator’s Tool is needed.

First step is to simply place the keg where you want it to be and lock it down.

Next, place the snowdrop onto the keg and lock it down.

Raise the snowdrop up 3 placements with the decorator’s tool.

This is the point where most people stop, but we are going to fancy this piece up!

Next, place the garlic onto the pile and lock it down. Raise it 1 time with the deco tool.

Next place the clock part onto the tile. Lock it down and raise it 2 placements with the deco tool.

The final step is to place the gears onto the tile and lock them down.

Raise them 1 placement.

Be sure to leave your house and refresh (or hop off and on a horse or beetle) to ensure no items fall or raise unexpectedly.


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