Written by: Siobhan of Legends

First a big thank you to Osiris Darkmoon for pointing out the tried and true name to my once referred to poofy ball tree – it’s a topiary! *smiles* 

This design requires use of only 1 tile. And is fairly easy to make, just with a lot of stacking and raising of items.

Items needed: 

  • 1 Empty Half Tub
  • 2 torches
  • 4 Wool Dyed Dark Green
  • 2 Wool Dyed Dark Brown
Start by placing the half tub down. There is no need to lock it down at this point unless there is a high chance of it being stolen. 

Next, stack the brown wool (both of them as a single pile) on top of the half barrel. Lock this down.

Remove the barrel from underneat the brown wool.

Place a single torch underneath the brown wool. Light it then Lock it down. 

Raise the torch up above the Wool as shown.

Next to stack is the green wool. Pull out 2 from your pile of four. Lock them down and raise them up to cover the top of the torch. (shown to the side). 

Next, repeat dropping the torch, lighting it and raising it up – this time above the green wool you just placed.

Place the last 2 green wool down, lock and raise the same as you did before, only up to cover the top of the tree/2nd lit torch.

Now that you have built the top of your tree, return the half barrel to the base of the decoration. 

Because some items can drop – run out of the house and back in again, forcing your home and decor to reload. Adjust the pieces of your tree if needed. DONE!

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