Bar Shelving Unit

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

It is very common within UO to run across several player ran taverns and those that are just deco’d up to look like one. Its one of the more common establishments to run into – but…. are they well designed? decorated? original? funcational?This decor item is meant to help the tavern owner find something a little different and something practical.
Items Needed:

  • 3 Tall Barrels (storage or non, either works)
  • 3 Wooden Chests
  • 6 benches
  • Decorative Items (pitchers, mugs, bottles etc)

The Decorator’s Tool is needed for this tutorial

I will cover only one tile but end showing you three built tiles using this technique. Obviously it can be made 1 to however many tiles you want long and can face south or east.
The first step is to place your barrel and lock it down. Then, on top of that, place a wooden chest. Turn the chest so the end is facing out in the direction that your counter/shelving will face.Mine will be facing east, so I am making the chest itself face south.Lower the chest 3 placements.
Now, drop a bench on the pile. Lock it down and make sure it is facing long ways to what you are wanting as a direction for your bar shelving unit.Lower the bench 3 placements. Next, drop another bench on the tile pile and lock it down. Turn it so it is facing the same as the one below it only this time, raise the bench 4 placements with the deco tool.
The next step is to load up your shelf decorations! This is the fun part. Play around with the placement of pitchers and bottles and any tavern rares you’d like to lay out.Once you have all that set for the first time, you can build additional sections as you see fit, starting with the barrel placement and going out as far as you like.
This is my finished product:As you can see, if you used storage barrels you can have some additional storage along with the chests.
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