Countertop (using bolas)

Written by: Terra of Legends

Items Needed:

  • 1 Wooden Box (the red one)
  • 4 pieces of Cut Cloth dyed the color of your choice (I use black)
  • 4 Bola Balls

Deco Tool is required.

The first step is to stack the four bola balls one on top of the other, locking each down in turn.Next, place the red box on top of the balls, making sure that it is facing south. Lock it down and use your deco tool to lower it one time.

The box fits neatly out of site under the top when finished and ensures people cannot walk through your bar. Other objects can be used, but I have found that the little red box works very well and is easy to obtain. You can also place items in it and “hide” them in your “secret compartment” under the counter.

Next, place a stack of two pieces of the cloth on top of the box and lock it down. Using the deco tool, lower it 3 times, or until it looks flush with the top bola ball.The box should be almost completely hidden and the top bola ball should just barely be visible under the cloth.
Put the two remaining pieces of cloth on top, lock them down, and lower them two spaces.The stack should be one space about the previous stack, and all the holes should be covered.
Finally, put anything you want to on it. As you can see in these pictures, it is a very functional design. Drop anything you want on top of the counter on the tile just under it. Then use your deco tool to position it exactly where you want it.Your counter is now complete.
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