Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Items Needed:

  • 8 cloth (your counter color choice)
  • 1 Water Trough Deed
  • Decor for your counter top

House Deco Tool is needed.

The first step is to determine “where” you want your counter to be. Remember, you cannot walk through this deco item.
Place a stack of 2 cloth down and lock it down. Raise it 4 placements.Stack another pile of 2 cloth down on the same tile and raise up 5 placements.

Repeat either to the south or east, depending on which trough you got. I am working with an east facing trough, so I am repeating to the tile south of what I just built.

Next, before we deed the water trough, place your items underneat each raised tile of cloth, lock them down and raise to the top so they are resting on top of your counter.For this tutorial, I am using a heating stand and a pitcher of water for decor.
Now – you will double click your deed and place it under the 2 raised cloth stacks.The cloth will be a bit too high – but this is necessary so when you deed your trough, it doesn’t push the cloth underneath.

What you need to do now, is lower everything on top of the trough 1 placement.

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