Faun’s Strumpet Love Bed

Written by: Pluff of Sonoma

This bed can face east or south, and you can make it with standard green nets or collect six of the special nets for the millionaire’s version.
First, as always, gather up your stuff! Some nets — like the BRONZE and the GREEN above, have a stone chair that very closely matches them. If you can, match the nets to a chair, and you will be making a bi-colored bed. If however, your nets do not match an ore color, you will want to make a tri-colored bed, choosing the color of chair that is a nice contrast to your nets, a cloth that matches that chair as closely possible, and a second color of cloth that looks nice with both colors.
NOTES:–Whenever I say “a stack of cloth” or even “cloth” I generally mean 2 pieces of cloth stacked together into a single object. You never want to use a single piece of cloth as it will make your bed look gappy and odd.

–This is a huge bed! It’s going to take up 12 full tiles! You want to start in tile 1 and build in the order in which I have numbered them, so you can avoid blocking off tiles you need to be able to build in.

1) Place a stone throne in tile 1. Lock it and use the dec tool to turn it until it faces east.2) Targeting just under the throne, between the two legs on the south side, pile a stack of color 2 cloth (the color that matches the thrones) onto the seat of the throne. Lock it.
3) Targeting in the same place, add two stacks the OTHER color cloth on top. If you target where the cursor is pointing, they should jump to the top of the pile without combining. Lock each stack as it jumps to the top.4) Targeting in the same place, add one of your large pillows to to the pile. The long shipwreck pillows will probably then need to be lifted one with the dec tool. The square ones will not.

5) In tiles two and three, repeat steps 1 – 4.

NOTE: You can add little pillows to these stacks if you like…I put different little pillows on each bed as I build it, just trying different arrangements.

6) Nets are BUGGED! They pop UNDER the cloth – so we have to put the net in first, then jack it up, then lower it by hand. YEESH! Set the net down, lock it, and raise it 7 times with the dec tool.7) Place a fish cake or any handy bit of trash in tile 4. I chose to lock mine down to prevent vandalism, but you can certainly allow this piece of trash to decay if you are short on lockdowns. It is only there to make the cloth line up.
On top of the fishcake, we are going to stack cloth on the floor. It’s tricky! If you have never stacked cloth on the floor, a quick tutorial is below. If you have stacked cloth, go to step 8.To stack cloth, place a pile of 2 cloth on the floor (or in this case on top of your fishcake.) Lock it down. In the first of the three pictures below, the cursor is pointing to the exact spot you want to target once the cloth is in your hand, to make a pile of cloth jump up on top of another pile. In the second of the two pictures, you can see how it should look when the cloth is in your hand. In the third picture, you see how it looks if you target the correct spot and the second pile hops up on top of the first pile. You do not want to end up with one stack of four cloth. You want 2 stacks of two, one on top of the other.
8) On top of the fishcake, place a pile of 2 cloth that matches your stone thrones. Lock it down. Then stack a pile of 2 of the other cloth on top of that and lock it. Place one more pile of 2 of the other cloth and lock it. Once you have all three piles in place and locked, you want to use your dec tool to lower the net 2 spaces.
9) Tile five is very similar to tile 4. You want to follow steps 6 – 8 and build this tile exactly as you built the other one. AFter you lower the net into place, however, you may choose to put a little pillow in this tile, and raise it up 7 or 8 times.10) Tile six is exactly like tile five. Just follow steps 6 – 8 and including another little pillow, if desired.
11) Tiles 7, 8 and 9 are just the same—just build them in order, one at time, following steps 6 through 8. You can put little pillows or books or anything you feel you might leave lying around on your bed on top of these after the nets are lowered into place.12) Place a stone throne in tile 10. Lock it and use the dec tool to turn it so it faces East. Place a chest in it’s seat and lock or secure the chest.

13) Repeat the above step in tiles 11 and 12.

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