Grand Piano

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Many people create homes with open rooms then in the end wonder what in the world they should do with the open space. The grand piano isn’t secret storage nor is it some fantabulous display area, but it does add a nice touch of class to any room.
Items Needed:

  • 3 Small Wooden Tables dyed dark
  • 8 Cloaks dyed black
  • 1 Fancy Shirty dyed black
  • 2 Checkerboards
  • 2 Benches dyed same as tables
  • Statue and Candleabra (optional)
First step is rather simple – place the northernmost table – this will house one of your “key sets” so be sure it is at least 1 tile away from a west wall and where you wish for your piano to end. Don’t forget to lock it down.Next, place a checkerboard on top of the table and lock it down.

On top of the checkerboard, place a cloak and yes, lock it down as well.

You have now built the first piece of your piano.On the tile to the west of the one you just created, place the fancy shirt and lock it down. Raise it 5 times using the deco tool.


The next tile to build on is the south west corner.First place a small table and lock it down.

On top of this table, stack 3 of the cloaks and lock them down.

This is probably the best time to place a statue or candleabra on this tile. I chose the statue as well as added the candleabra to the first tile we built.

Our final tile to build is also the other keyboard piece.Place the final small table down and on top of it, place the checkerboard. As always, lock them down.

Next place the remaining cloaks, and when they are all locked down, raise the top cloak up 3 placements, enough to cover the hole under the short arm of the fancy shirt.

The only flaw in this design is the small bit of flooring that will show under the long arm of the fancy shirt.There is one way to elimate this problem and it is to use a reversed cloak in place of the fancy shirt or in addition to (purely up to the individual creating the piano). Otherwise, it’s time to place your benches in front of your piano and play like you’ve never played before!
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