Lighted Display Table

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Items Needed:

  • 2 Regular Armoirs
  • 2 Heater Shields
  • 2 Lanterns
  • 4 Benches
  • 1 Medium Stone Table, East

The decorator tool is needed for this tutorial.

Dye your armoirs and benches a complimentary color to whatever table color you chose. I am using a shadow table, so I will dye my furniture black.This is an east facing design unless you are able to obtain south facing heater shields.
This decor item takes up 4 tiles, so we will start in the northernmost tile and work our way south.First, place one of the armoirs and lock it down. If it is not facing east, use your deco tool to turn it. Next, place a bench on top of the armoir. Lower it 4 times with your deco tool.
Place the stone table just to the south of the armoir.Place 2 benches on top of the table side by side. Lock them both down and make sure they are facing east.

Raise them to match the bench you placed on top of the armoir.

Now, place the 2 heater shields on top of the table, side by side just like the benches. Lock them down and raise them each 4 times.Now, place the lanterns, the same as the benches and the heater shields. Light them and lock them down. Raise them each 2 times just so they are peeking out from underneat the shields.
Now the center is done, you can add the final armoir at the end and place a bench on top of it, just like the first tile you build. Lower the bench down to line up with the other 3 benches.Done. Place your valuables on the table and/or on top of the benches. Enjoy.
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