Shelving with Hidden Storage

Written by: Tilley of Napa Valley

Items Needed:

  • 2 Red Armoires (dyed if you prefer)
  • 12 Wooden Benches (dyed if you prefer)
  • Decorations that you would like on the shelves.
  • Decorator’s Tool
Place armoires down as seen picture.Lock them down and raise them twice.
One at a time place the benches down under one of the armoires and lock them down.Bench #1 Raise to the highest level

Bench #2 Raise 9

Bench #3 Raise 5

Bench #4 Raise 2

At this time place rune books or what ever items you would like on the shelf and then raise them to the appropriate bench.

Lower the armoire down 2.

Repeat first steps for benches for armoiare #2.

For the center display shelf place bench #1 and raise to the highest position.Place wooden bench #2 and raise twice.

Place decoration of your choice and lock down and raise to the level you might want it.

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