Side Table Drawers

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

These drawers are purely for an eyecatching decor rather than something functional. There are a few types of ways to make these – this one is done simply with benches and spellbooks. This is a VERY easy decor item that will add a bit of flare to any bedroom.

This is a single tile decor item and should always be on a west wall (facing east).

Items Needed:

  • 4 Benches (plain or dyed)
  • 3 Empty Spellbooks
Place a bench down and lock it down. Turn it to face east if it is not already.

Stack a spellbook.

Repeat with bench, spellbook, bench, spellbook and then a bench.

As you can see, the spellbooks appear as nobs on your new side table drawers.

Keep in mind if you dye your benches a reddish brown, the spellbooks should be hidden very well. Top with books or a decorative flower to add a final touch.

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