Wall Storage Unit

Written by: Celania of Legends

I needed something that would look nice and have a lot of storage space. This is what I came up with….

Gather your Materials:

  • 11 – Wooden boxes
  • 19 – Wooden benches
  • 3 – Cherry Armoires

You will also need a decorator’s tool.

This unit can either be built on the west or north wall.

Starting in the northern most corner where you want your unit place a bench, lock it down.Use your deco tool, if necessary, to make sure your bench facing east. Next, stack a wooden box on top of the bench and lock it down. The wooden box should also be facing east.
Stack a bench on top of the wooden box. Lock it down. Lower the bench 2 times using your deco tool.Now repeat the above steps, stacking a wooden box, then a bench (lowering the bench 2 times) until your unit is 4 boxes high.
On next tile south, place a cherry armoire, lock it down.This is where it becomes a little difficult because it can kind of tricky stacking on top of the armoires.

This is approximately where you want your cursor when trying to stack.

Stack two benches on top of the armoire, lock them down.Stack a wooden box and then another bench, lowering the bench 2 times.
Repeat the above steps in the next two south tiles.
The last part of the wall unit is just like the first piece that we built.Stack a bench and then a wooden box topped with another bench. Lower the bench 2 times.

Repeat these steps until your unit is 4 boxes high.

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