Elegant Light Tower

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

I used this idea many moons ago and then carried it over to a small garden sit area. The idea is very simple and I am sure has been used a million times over by many many MANY people but it is such a simple idea, and with the addition of the Samurai Empire house building pieces, the tower light stand can look very elegant in a dining room or near a paper wall.
Items Needed:

  • Several Lanterns – max 12
The main idea behind this design piece is to do what looks good to you. If you make more than one in the same room, of course, make them match – but truly, it is what appeals to you so the instructions here are not going to be as direct as normal – I will just build one that looks good to me.
Stack and lock down your lanterns.I have stacked in the image to the right, 8 lanterns.

I then raised the top lantern up as high as i could which is 8 raises with the deco tool.

Now, I’m going to raise the one now on the top of the pile up to the lantern I just raised up. I raised it 8 times so it was right under the first lantern raised.Now the next lantern down, I raised up 6 times.
As you can see, obviously, I’m working from the top down.The next lantern down, I raised up 6 placements, to rest just under the previous lantern. It has created a nice pattern for the top of my tower.

The next lantern was raised 5 times. The next was raised four placements. Then the next I raised up 3 placements and the final lantern I raised up 2 times.

Now, turn on your lights.

Play with raising and lowering and making different designs using the lights. There are many variations you can make using more or less lanterns as well as which lights you turn on.As I said before you can use these in a garden with flowers, a nice seating area with benches or in perhaps a dining room or living room. All very decorative ideas for this simple yet elegant tower of lights.
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