Fake Tall Candelabra

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Since the dawn of time, decorator’s have envied the tall candelabras located in many of the NPC shops and libraries. They are absolutely beautiful for UO decor. Now, with the addition of marties, more specifically the Candelabra of Souls, many are looking to purchase this bit of lighting.

Much to our dismay, these are very hard to obtain and if you find one for sale it tends to be rather expensive.

This decor item has been around for a very long time. There is no way I could take credit for coming up with this one. Being an oldie but goodie – here is the tutorial.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Buckler Shield
  • 3 Tall Candles
  • 1 Candelabra
The first step is to simply place the buckler on the tile you wish for your candelabra to rest on. Lock it down.

Next, place the 3 tall candles on top of the buckler.

You should have what I have pictured to the right.

Raise the BOTTOM candle 1 placement. It will look hidden under the middle candle – that’s ok.

Raise the TOP candle 3 placements.

Now, raise the bottom of the two candles up 8 placements.

Its time to put the candelabra on the pile. Raise it up 4 placements.

Congratulations – you have built a tall candelabra!

Light it up and enjoy!

Note: if you want something a little “smaller” only use 2 of the tall candles instead of the three shown.
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