Lighted Plant Stand

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

I cannot take full credit for this decor piece, as I saw it initially at the Happy Place T Branch Library on Asuka. I did come up with a couple modifications due to my own personal preference of not just using a snowdrop.

Items Needed

  • 1 Plain Prickly Pear Plant
  • 1 Colored Lantern of your Choice (Gold Shown)
  • 2 Bucklers
  • 1 Wooden Shield
  • 1 Dress Forum (facing front)

Deco Tool is required.

The first step is to place a buckler and lock it down. This is the tile where your lighted stand is going to be.

Next, place the dress form on the same tile. Lock it down and raise it 3 placements. This should center the dressform on the buckler.

Next, place the wooden shield on the tile and lock it down. Raise it up 7 times using the deco tool. The dress form has now given a bit of a “support” to the tabletop.

Place the lantern down and lock it. Raise it 9 times.

You should have “almost” hidden all of your dress form.

Now, place the second buckler down and lock it. Raise it 11 times.

Your dressform should be completely hidden at this point.

Now, place your plant down on the tile and lock it down. Raise it 1 time.

Turn on your light and enjoy!

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