The Fake Doom Lamp

Written by: Lady Claudia of Catskills

If you’re like me, you envy all the pretty colored lamposts that everyone but you seems to get in Doom on those rare occasions. This lets you..sort of…have a chance at a unique lampost! And it’s SO easy.
Items Needed:

  • 1 “regular” Doom Lampost
  • 1 colored tinker lantern of your choice
Step 1) Place your lampost wherever you wish it to be, and lock it down.

Step 2) Stack your colored lantern on top of the lampost, and lock it down.

Step 3) Using the Decorator tool, Lower the lantern twice, and then double click it to turn it on.
Look at that!! Isn’t it neat? While it may look interesting when you look directly at it, passersby and those looking at the whole of your home see a beautiful colored lampost!


Using a Sigil Hued Lantern Picture

Using a valorite lantern Picture

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