Mishra and Caliope’s Tower–Marble Island, Tram Oceania

This home was decorated for Mishra and Caliope before their wedding. I  had a blast doing it and made a lot of friends in the process. For reference, for those wondering how much a heavily decorated home costs, this one cost 750k.

First Floor



Second Floor: The first picture is of the Tailoring area.  The second is a work room/armory.  A few things were changed before I got to take pictures. =)



Third Floor:  I actually did this floor first, at the request of Cali. It was an interesting room to do, to say the least, and a lot of fun to do it. The spa is great as you can sit in it, then dry off and get straight into bed! Just what a married couple needs after a day of slaying monsters.


The top floor is different….and consists of several pictures, a day picture, night picture, and two pictures of the lovenest. This is the disco/party hall for their guild.




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