A Stage

Written by Siobhan of Legends

The stage idea comes from the ability to make spiral staircases or l-shaped stairwells. Why should we stop there with the ability to create partial staircases and extend it into platforms and rises?The primary reason this is marked as a level IV build is because of the work you must do in design mode with obtaining the partial stairs.
The first step is to go into design mode and determine where you would like your stairs to be for your stage.For me, I want my stairs to be on the backside of the stage facing east.I am going to place the brick tiles where I want my stage to appear and a white tile where the base of my stairs will be.
Now comes the tricky part of creating the partial stairwell. If you have not read or reviewed the articles on spiral staircases or making a l-shaped stairwell, they are linked at the top as well as with a description of the tools used in the house design gump.

Place 3 teleporters on the east side of the white tile. This will erase the 3 higher steps from the staircase.
Once you have done this, Place your stairs over the tiles and teleporters.Using tool C (wall clear) by clicking twice, delete the teleporters and then return to the floor you are building on (tool D).Once you have the following, you can leave customize mode by committing the new stairwell.
Now, in order to build your stage, you will need several square goza mats and a house decorator tool.It will be approximately 6 gozas per tile. For me, I have 11 open tiles that will need 6 gozas each – yes, 66 gozas!Place your 6 gozas and raise them up to stage level.Remember, if you want a colored stage – before making the gozas, dye your material.You may also save time and material by only placing a single goza in the center tiles and raising it up to the top level. The ones on the side though, without a solid base of 6 gozas, your stage will appear to float.
Fill in the remaining tiles with your gozas and …Voila – DONE!
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