Sio’s Toliet

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

I have used Pluffy’s Toilet design in the past, but I never quite got over the handle and how large it compared to the rest of the deco item. So, after seeing a fountain using the stacked ingots, it gave me an idea!

This generally an east facing deco item because regular ingots are easier to get than the smithy daily rare.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Coil of Wire
  • 1 Plain Vase, small
  • 1 Plain Plate
  • 1 Silver Ring
  • 6 Iron Ingots

The Interior Decorating Tool is needed for this item.

The first step is very simple. Stack your ingots where you wish for the back of your toilet to be, normally up against a wall.

They are stacked as single ingots, so in the end you will have a pile of 6 ingots on top of one another all locked down.

The next step is to add the base, which is the coil of wire. Place it on your stack of ingots and lock it down.

Use the decorator’s tool to lower it as far as it will go.

Now for the bowl of the toilet. This is represented by the vase. Place the vase on the same tile and lock it down.

Lower it 4 times with the deco tool.

We are almost done!

Next for the lid. Place the plate on the same tile and lock it down. Lower it 4 placements with the deco tool.

And now the final touch is the simple handle. For this, I found a silver ring fits the iron best.

Do not place the ring on the same tile as the rest of the items. Place it on the tile south. Lock it down and raise it 8 times with the deco tool.

Voila – toilet!

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