Blueberry Torte

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

People are always in search of a new and improved decor to fancy up their tables.What if you could make a teatime torte? More specifically- a blueberry one! Well.. this is for you!
Items Needed:

  • 1 Unbaked Pie
  • 1 Buckler
  • 2 Fried Eggs
  • 2 Apples
  • 4 Black Pearls
  • 3 Bags
  • Axe
To start out, you should set your bags up to contain the following items in the following

Bag A: apple – egg – unbaked pie – egg – apple

Bag B: 2 black pear – single black pearl

Bag C: 1 black pearl

Place the buckler down and then the bags on top of it, starting with A and B.Lock Bag B and lower it so you can only see the hair of the bag below it. You can add Bag C (as I did in picture) or add it to the pile after you break open Bag A and B.
Use the axe to break open Bag A (bag on bottom of pile).Lock down everything that you can see.

Break Bag B and do the same.

Run out of the house and return to reload the screen and lock down anything that is visible and not locked down.

Place Bag C on top (if you have notalready) and break it open with the axe. Lock down that pearl.

You are ready for tea time!

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