Faux Fruit Basket

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Not everyone can afford the popular Fruit Basket rare to decorate their home – nor can the fruitbasket serve as hidden storage. This little bit of decor is not too tricky but it rated a Level II because of the added steps to ensure you end up with a nice full fruit basket.
Items Needed:

  • Empty Basket
  • 2 of any Fruit (bananas a must)
  • Empty Crate
  • Axe
Place the basket where you would like your fruit basket to lay. This is a one tile decoration so any counter or dining room table will do. Lock it down.

Inside the crate (make sure there is no key in there!) Place the fruit – mirroring around the bananas.

The “mirroring” is shown to the image on the right.

Place the crate of fruit on top of your basket.

Using the axe, break the crate open.

Lock down all the fruit that you can see. Run out of the house and return. This forces the house to reload and all items that would normally drop, to drop. Lock down what you can see that is not locked down.

Voila – a hidden storage container that is very pleasing to the eye!

On another note – you can theme your fruit baskets such as in the fall, use pumpkins and gourds and other fall foods to make a nice themed basket for your dining room table.

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